Tapco STK06150BLACK Intrafuse Folding Stock for AK-47

Tapco STK06150BLACK Intrafuse Folding Stock for AK-47
Item# tapco-stk06150black-intrafuse-folding-stock-f0615047

Product Description

The stock enables you to fold it to the right to drastically reduce the length of the rifle. When needed, you can easily deploy it back to its open position for a rigid shooting platform. The stock even provides a sling attachment point in the knuckle. Made of high strength composite, you'll be sure that you've got the highest quality folding stock at your disposal whenever you need it.

Will not fit on AK variants with a milled receiver, a bottom tang, a slant-cut receiver at the rear, or an under folder stock. Will not fit MAK 90. Folds to the Right. High Strength Composite Stock Body. High Strength Reinforced Composite Knuckle with Steel Hinge Pin. Sling Attachment Point in the Knuckle. Counts as 1 U.S. 922r Compliant Part. Length of Pull 15".

Fits: AK-47 Stamped Receivers Material: High Strength Composite Type: Folding Stock Color: Black

Made in U.S.A.